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Technology is an inevitable aspect of any sustainable business in the digital era.
BinBytes is committed to leveraged technology and harnesses the real potential of your business.

Technologies used by us

Our Workflow

Understanding Recruitment 1

We, at BinBytes, lay ample emphasis on understanding the clients’ vision and stating elaborated functional requirements. The company executives leave no stone unturned for clearly perceiving the clients’ thought over the business idea that is to be empowered by a technical solution.

Prototype 2

BinBytes believes in active computer software development services in the real sense. Once your requirements are confirmed, a basic prototype is worked out before full-fledged development. The schedule gives you a chance to analyze the prototype or minimum viable product (MVP). Wireframe designing and MVP development is the forte of BinBytes Services.

Development 3

After rigorous refining and elaboration of your requirements and helping you understand what your business needs, we come up with a prototype to help you analyze if everything is in place. Once given the nod, the full version software development process is perused by a diligent team of developers at BinBytes.

Feedback & Update 4

BinBytes development services create a prime differentiator in this industry by providing highly reliable and convenient after sales maintenance for all your technical solution. Before starting with the after sales maintenance, your invaluable feedback is carefully taken and incorporated into the product within due time and material costs.

Team Management System

Team Management System

BinBytes is proud to find its clients overwhelmed with the product that helps them leverage real-time communication, specific task assignment, and efficiency and time management checks. The meticulously crafted product has been able to make a mark within the organization like never before.

 Very Helpful on manage my team
     and track my employ activity  

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Jone De

CEO of Time solution

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