Fatema Patel Dec 17, 2019

CodePush is created by Microsoft, The main idea behind it is that you don't need to update your new release on play store, CodePush automatically updates all the devices in which app is installed With the help of CodePush you can build your project as well as you can test on different devices. Microsoft has made as a requirement that in order to use CodePush has to set up to visual studio app center.

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Fatema Patel Jul 01, 2019

BinStorm is a React Native styling utility for rapidly building custom user interfaces. It is different from frameworks like Shoutem, Native Base, or UI Kitten in that it's not a UI kit. BinStorm contains all the helpers that will help you to build your application design. Rather than pre-defined components & theme which controls how your app should look. BinStorm includes colors, border sizes, font weights, Latter spacing, shadow, padding, margin, height, width and more.

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Fatema Patel Nov 05, 2019

As the requirements for JavaScript single-page applications have become increasingly complicated, our code must manage more state than ever before. This state can include server responses and cached data, as well as locally created data that has not yet been persisted to the server. UI state is also increasing in complexity, as we need to manage active routes, selected tabs, spinners, pagination controls, and so on. Managing this ever-changing state is hard. As developers, we are expected to handle optimistic updates, server-side rendering, fetching data before performing route transitions. This is where Redux enters.

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